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     Zhangjiagang Shengda Metallurgy Sling Manufacturing Co.,Ltd was established in 1986. We are a leading enterprise with a comprehensive portfolio of products and services spanning the following areas: design, development, implementation, manufacturing, sales, and service. We are expert manufacturer for lifting equipment involve: Coil Lifter, Coil Handing, Roll Handing, Slab Tong, Lifting Tong, Lifting Beam, Pulley Block, Spreader, Lifting Clamps, Turning of Loads, Coil positioner, Crane Rail Clamp, Sheaves, Lifter Hooks. Our products is widely used in Steel & Iron Industry, Ports & Yard, Storage & Transportation. Our development engineers have acquired a great deal of expertise in this field. We are your global partner when it comes to the technological and safety challenges involved in the integrated lifting and moving of heavy loads.
    After more than 20 years of operations, the company has garnered widespread customer satisfaction and achieved great success through its reputation for excellence, top-notch quality, and impeccable service. The company is situated in the New Factory District of the Zhangjiagang in the city of Suzhou, and occupies 25,000 square meters of land area. The company currently employs more than 200 frontline workers as well as business personnel, as well as more than 40 senior engineers and technicians.
    The factory is located in Zhangjiagang,the national-level civilized city, which has a international port Zhangjiagang Port on the north and the express way from Shanghai to Nanjing City on the south. Shortly, its transportation, whether by vessel or by air ,is very easy.
     Warmly welcome Chinese or foreign customers to visit our factory for negotiation!

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